Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Beginning

Since this is my first blog post, I guess a short introduction is in order. My name is Zack, I'm 23 years old, I was born in Florida, and I've become a big fan of craft beer ever since I moved to Boston to start law school. I told you it would be a short introduction.  

Anyway, the reason I've decided to start a blog is because over time I've realized that craft beer has truly become a passion of mine. I spent most of my life in Florida, a state with an ever-expanding craft beer scene. Yet, during my time in college craft brews were not readily available or even discussed very often.  It wasn't until I came to New England that I came to understand all that the wonderful world of craft beer had to offer.

It started out as a hobby. I would try a new brew every now and then just to see if I could find something that I really enjoyed drinking. Then I started going on tours of different breweries in Boston and listening to how the beer was made. After that, I actually began to meet a lot of brewers and talk to them about their craft. Since then I've gone to plenty of beer festivals and talked to many fans of craft beer about their favorite brews. At this point I can say with confidence that I love craft beer.

The reasoning behind this newfound love of mine is simple: craft beer tastes better. Add the flavor of craft beers to their quality ingredients, creative recipes, unique brands, and the amount of work that goes into making them, and you've got a formula for something that almost anyone could fall in love with. Right now my goal is to share the passion I have for trying new things from craft breweries with others so that they can experience the same joy that I have over the time I've spent in New England.

I've been attempting to do so for a while. I've been in Boston almost a year now,  and I've used that time to educate myself and others on drinking craft beer. I've gone to a wide range of events and tastings to learn more about beers from across the country. I started using an app called Untappd to begin reviewing beers and connecting with others who do the same. Still, I've always felt sort of limited in my ability to express how I feel about certain beers. I guess that's why I'm starting a blog now.

I think it's mainly a way for me to write more about what has become one of my biggest hobbies. I hope that by blogging about craft beer that others might learn something about it and even become fans of it themselves. If not, I'll still have a way of putting my thoughts down in writing. In the end, all I want to do is share the happiness that craft brews give me with everyone else.

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