Friday, July 19, 2013

Keepers of the Brew

Now that I've been blogging about beer for over a month, I feel like it's a good time to reflect on some things. Lately I've been hosting bottle shares at my place with my fellow backlashers (the unofficial nickname we came up with for fans of Backlash).  A bottle share is just what it sounds like: people bring bottles for sharing, hang out, and try lots of different beers without having to drink an entire bottle themselves. Getting together with beer friends is not only fun, but can also lead to great conversations about the world of craft beer.

At the latest get-together, we had some pretty good reading material. We talked about the latest issue of BeerAdvocate, but what we were really interested in was this week's issue of DigBoston. It's one of the coolest publications in the city, not just because of its creative style and younger vibe, but because it has a section devoted entirely to beer.

The Honest Pint is DigBoston's beer column that features that latest news and reviews about the craft beer scene in Boston and beyond. It's written by Heather Vandenengel, and features great beer news along with fantastic pictures. I've long been inspired by Heather's talent for writing, but it wasn't until I read DigBoston's craft beer issue that I realized just how talented she is.
There are several articles by Heather in the issue, with topics ranging from brewers of the past to the beers and breweries of the future. There's even one about a beer time capsule! Needless to say, it was the best issue of DigBoston I've ever read, and it got me thinking about other beer writers.
Some of the first things I ever read about beer were blogs. I started by reading a blog written by Michael Loconto, otherwise known as Area Man Drinks Beer. I then started reading Urban Beer Nerd's blog, which gives great insight into some of the more unique aspects of beer both here and around the world. I still look up to these bloggers as I continue to write my own blogs on what has become one of my favorite hobbies.
Brewers can also be bloggers. Backlash has a great blog that features updates as well as tasting notes on their latest releases. Jack's Abby also has a pretty cool blog that lets you know what's going on at the brewery. I love reading the things that brewers write, as they're the ones who have the most intimate knowledge of the brewing process and beer in general. When you read a brewer's blog, it's as if you're getting to know the brewer on a more personal level.
There are so many different blogs about beer, each with something that makes it special. That's why I'm excited to attend my first Beer Bloggers Conference next weekend. I am really looking forward to spending time with other, more experienced beer writers and learning how to improve my own blog. That and tasting lots of new beers!
I'm glad there are so many beer bloggers out there today. Not only are bloggers responsible for spreading the word about great beer and brewers, but in a way they are also beer historians. Like journalists, beer writers do plenty of research and investigating to report the latest beer news. At the same time, they create a record to look back on so that the history of craft beers and the brewers that came before can always be remembered.
I love writing about beer. I don't know why it's taken me so long to start doing it, but as you can see I've been reading what others have written for a while. They are my role models and the inspiration for starting my own blog. I continue to seek out and learn from other beer writers every day, and I hope to one day help others do the same. Until then, I'll just keep reading, writing, and drinking.

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