Sunday, July 28, 2013

The 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference

The 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference has ended, and with it, a weekend filled with learning, discussing, and drinking. As a relative newcomer to the beer blogging scene, I thought I'd start by giving my general impressions of the conference. It was my first time attending, so I don't have anything to compare it to. However, I did take plenty of notes during the conference and hope to write much more detailed blogs about the events that took place each day in the near future.

Overall, I am very happy that I decided to attend the conference this year. I really had no excuse since it was being held right down the street from where I live. Aside from the convenience, there were many other benefits to taking part in the conference, especially considering how long I've been blogging. I got the chance to learn from presentations full of all sorts of useful information. I had the opportunity to meet other bloggers who I've always looked up to in-person. I also got to drink a lot of great beer.

The pace of the conference was fast, to say the least. It seemed like we were all going from one event to the next without much of a break in between each one. Don't even get me started on the live blogging. The days were certainly packed, but I can't complain. Everything we did was pretty incredible!

It was nice seeing my fellow beer bloggers in the flesh as we reflected on the state of beer blogging together. I loved the diversity there was in the group that decided to attend the conference as well. It didn't matter if we were male or female, young or old, hopheads or sour fans. People came from all over the country to drink and talk about the one thing we all enjoy: beer!

Looking back on this year's conference, I have to say that it was extremely memorable. I'll remember all the fantastic conversations I had over the weekend, all the wonderful beers I tasted, and all the fun we had. Most of all, I'll remember just how much I learned in such a short time. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for it, but the conference turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined.

Now that it's over, I feel like I can use what I gained from the conference to take my blog to the next level.  I'm still in the early stages of my blogging journey, but I think I now know which direction I'd like to head in with my blog. It may take some time for me to find my way, but once I discover my niche and establish myself as a dedicated blogger, I'm confident that things will begin to take off.

I hope that you'll come along for the ride with me. As a lover of local beers and the law, I'm going to move towards tailoring my blog posts to the craft beer community in Massachusetts and the legal issues that those in the beer industry face in this state. Before that, I'm going to try to give a more specific account of the lessons I learned at the beer blogger conference. Look out for more posts from me in the days ahead!

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